Welcome to Star Engineers

In an extension to our very own industrial venture, Raviraj Chemicals, we now explore a new niche to deliver the kind of quality and professionalism that we stand up to in engineering innovations with Star Heavy Engineers. Our range includes Dish ends, plate bending, heat treatment, heavy engineering and fabrication works.

Star Heavy Engineers is all about facilitating innovative engineering channeled to manufacture products and services that match world standards. We invest in high end technologies and latest machineries to deliver the best to the rest. Our stringent quality control procedures have ensured all our units to form & fabricate qualitative products which are very well accepted in Private/ Public & Government sector industries alike.

Why choose us?

Heavy Engineering

We employ the best engineering practices in manufacturing and designing plate bending, rolling and dishing high end products.

The company owns a special interest towards technological innovation and continuous investment in research and development to offer outstanding quality, reliability and state of the art rolling solutions.

Heat Treatment

Sophisticated heat treatment equipments have been employed in units to ensure every rolling; achieves its optimum standards of quality.

We have specifically dedicated heaters for smaller size pipe diameters, another which hold six different zones of semi-automatic temperature control as well as another one designed for preheat and post weld heat treating.

Fabrication Works

Our operational units suffice heavy duty fabrications works, employing the most superior machineries and engineering technologies.

Several dedicated autoclaves, reactors or reaction vessels, heat exchangers or condensers, RVD/Rotary vacuum dryers, receivers and storage tanks. Each and every one of them incorporated from the best of the machineries.

For any placement orders or project requirements, please feel free to reach us